Charting a new tide for sustainable growth

Agencies thrive when moving forward in a clear direction with a sense of freedom, smoothness and adventure. But too often, a reactive approach to growth creates distractions that can take you off track.

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Everyone feels desperate

In many ways, agencies are facing  growth head-winds like never before. In-bound pitch opportunities are now less valuable, more vague, while still requiring a huge investment to win. According to R3 data*, US Pitch volume was flat in 2022, but collective pitch value fell 38%.

*Source: https://www.adweek.com/agencies/holding-companies-put-long-term-plans-on-ice-amid-economic-confusion/

Resources aren’t fit for the challenge

A more proactive growth plan demands a level of effort, investment, and multi-disciplinary skills that agencies struggle to find within existing budgets and resources they have available. This isn’t a challenge that can be tackled alone.

You don’t have to start from scratch

We founded Sail™ based on a simple belief that a small group of experts, dedicated entirely to proactive new business growth can help agencies accomplish more than they thought possible, with less cost and effort than if they tried to go it alone.